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Eric Clapton Martin 000 28ec guitar for sale

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I love my Martin 000-28ec! I have never played a guitar that reached out and grabbed me the way this beautiful piece of art does. It feels like an extension of my soul.

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Eric Clapton Martin 000 28ec guitar for sale
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”I currently own a Martin D28, Martin 000-15m, Taylor 614, and Gibson J45, along with several parlor and electric guitars. I was searching for a smaller bodied guitar similar to the 000-15m but with more volume and a ebony fingerboard, which led me to the 000-28ec. I’ve been playing for 30+ years and now more interested in fingerstyle guitar, specifically blues. The D28 is a great guitar, but a bit too big for noodling on the couch and much better suited to flatpicking and if you are needing volume in a band situation.
First in my decision to go with the Eric Clapton as opposed to the standard 000-28. Although the cost is a big leap, I’m at the point in my life where I can afford to spend a little more in order to get what I really want as far as features and have come to better appreciate the overall aesthetics of various guitars. I went with the tobacco sunburst and it is absolutely beautiful. The craftsmanship and special features such as diamond inlays and butterbean open tuners are really a throw back to the early Martin’s. The EC signature is modest and a nice little touch and a big Clapton fan, but could have went either way with or without the signature.
Second, I was a bit concerned after reading negative reviews on the modified v neck. I’m 6’0 and would say average hand size for my height and the first few days it did take a little getting used to. I did feel some soreness but not unlike what you would feel learning a new chord fingering. Within a week my hands adjusted and have to say I absolutely love the neck! There’s something about the feel and grip that really connects me with the guitar. I have always enjoyed fingerstyle as I feel I have better control over the tone, as well as a direct connection to the instrument. The modified v neck produces a similar experience with the fretting hand.
Now for the most important aspect of the review – the sound. This guitar is by far the most amazing tone I have ever come across on an acoustic guitar. Notes are balanced, full, and warm up and down the neck and it has the sweetest sustain for playing blues. It has the volume I was hoping for in a shorter scale, smaller bodied guitar being played without a pic. I feel almost guilty saying this, but my 20+ love affair with my D28 has come to an end. Don’t get me wrong, it’s still an amazing guitar and will have it’s place in certain situations, but the 000-28ec, IMO, far outperforms when it comes to ease of play and overall tone for fingerstyle blues. If I was primarily a bluegrass, country picker, the D28 without question, but for blues, fingerstyle, and an overall joy of playing, the 000-28ec is the bee’s knees.”
‘I love my Martin 000-28ec! I have never played a guitar that reached out and grabbed me the way this beautiful piece of art does. It feels like an extension of my soul. When i go somewhere… she goes too. i love her. i even played her against the stupid expensive Martin 000-28ECB with Brazilian Rosewood… I still preferred my martin over her 10,000 dollar sister model. Clapton and Martin got it right on this one. Pick one up and I assure your crossroad blues, all my love is in vain, and phonagraph blues will come soaring out! It is the unplugged album tone on the money!’
‘My wife bought my Martin 000-28EC as an early birthday gift. I had just broken my foot off my ankle and, as expected, my 28EC helped me pass the time and heal much quicker while laid up. Like my wife, my Martin is a gem. I have to confess that I haven’t even used a pick on this guitar yet, because she is such a consummate prize. Ia€?ve only finger-pick my way through recordings, using both my Mojave Audio MA-200 vacuum tube condenser and AKG C-451-B cardioid condenser mics, both of which I purchased through Sweetwater, too! Thanks, Bill Lewis! Even finger-picking this baby is huge with just vocal-guitar treatment and two mics. MY Martin was flawless and perfectly set up out of the box. I replaced the strings with Elixir Nanoweb Lights 12-53’s and my Martin rings from here to the Himalayas a€“ simply unparalleled action and sound. I guess one day Ia€?ll get around to using a pick, but for now finger-picking is all I prefer on my recordings a€“ she is simply that special…just like my wife’

Martin 00028ec eric clapton signature acoustic guitar 000-28ec
The sides and back of this instrument are constructed from solid East Indian rosewood. The top is book-matched from select quartersawn Sitka spruce, and the rosette, as well as the perimeter of the sound-boards, are inlaid with finely patterned herringbone wood marquetry. The body is bound with grained ivoroid. A genuine ebony fingerboard features the pre-war Style 28 snowflake pattern in a blond pearl, and Eric Clapton’s signature is inlaid in mother-of-pearl between the 19th and 20th frets. Each 00028BEC bears an interior label, individually numbered in sequence.

Eric Clapton Martin 000 28ec guitar
CONSTRUCTION: Mahogany Blocks/Dovetail Neck Joint
BODY SIZE: 000-14 Fret
TOP: Solid Sitka Spruce
ROSETTE: Fine Herringbone
TOP BRACING PATTERN: Standard X scalloped
TOP BRACES: Solid Sitka spruce 5/16”
BACK MATERIAL: Indian Rosewood
SIDE MATERIAL: Indian Rosewood
ENDPIECE: Grained Ivoroid
ENDPIECE INLAY: Black/White Boltaron
BINDING: Grained Ivoroid
BACK INLAY: B/W Boltaron
NECK MATERIAL: Select hardwood
NECK SHAPE: Modified VBoneWhite Corian
HEADSTOCK: Solid/Diamond/SquareTapere
HEADPLATE: Solid Indian Rosewood
HEELCAP: Grained Ivoroid
FINGERBOARD POSITION INLAYS: Diamond & Squares- Long Pattern
FINISH BACK & SIDES: Polished Gloss/ Dark Filler
FINISH TOP: Polished Gloss/ Vintage Toner
FINISH NECK: Polished Gloss
SADDLE: 16” Radius/Compensated/Bone
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