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Epiphone PR-150 Acoustic Guitar Natural

Post on 2017-01-24

Product Description

The easy-to-afford dreadnought Epiphone PR-150 is the perfect instrument to get started on. It has classic looks, great tone, and is made to be road tough. Like all worthy acoustic guitars, it begins and ends with tonewoods, and the PR-150 Epiphone chose a select spruce top and mahogany body for a classic sound that’s balanced, clear, and will only get better with age and lots of playing. The rosewood bridge and synthetic bone saddle are a perfect match for the resonant profile of the select spruce top. The vintage-style soundhole is supported by a tortoiseshell-style pickguard with the ’60s era “E” logo. The SlipTaper 25.5″ scale mahogany neck has a rosewood fingerboard with dot inlays, a 12″ radius, a 1.68″ nut, premium die-cast 14:1 tuners, and the classic ’60s era Sloped Dovewing headstock. The Epiphone’s all-nickel hardware will last as long as you play the guitar and the PR-150 comes in two color finishes, Natural (NA) and Vintage Sunburst (VS). Choose the finish you want in the drop down menu above.Check the drop-down menu to the right to select colors and/or other options.

Two caveats:1) 5 Stars is my rating GIVEN that it’s a $130 guitar. For a $1,000 guitar, it would be lower.2) The thing about guitars this cheap is that they tend to be inconsistent, so realize that this may not apply to the unit you receive.Out of the box:My guitar came well set up, meaning the strings were all the proper height off of the frets, the frets seemed to have consistent height, etc, which is rare at this price point.Sound:I received this guitar as a part of a record label promotion, and as the owner of a number of guitars that cost many times what this does, I wasn’t expecting much. However, after I got it tuned up, I was very impressed with the sound. It is very slightly tinny, but it is extraordinarily dramatic. It is very easy to get an intense sound out of this guitar, even at low volumes. The tone, on a scale of bright to dull, is very slightly to the bright side, but is still in the middle of the spectrum. As is typical for this price of guitar, the high strings can ring a little bit. If you’re picky, you’ll want to replace the strings almost immediately, they aren’t great (if you are new to guitar buying, this is virtually always true, even on expensive guitars). I think they’re 12s.There was a point in my life where I was paid to play music. I would absolutely feel comfortable using this guitar for certain songs if I ever did that again.Play-ability:This is the only guitar I own without a cutout at the 15th Fret, so that bothered me. But you can plainly see that in the picture, and some people prefer no cutout. On a scale of 1-7, with 1 being “the strings are exceptionally easy to push down” and a 7 being “exceptionally difficult to push down”, this is a 4.Read more ›5 This Guitar is AMAZING,and the price just makes it better.For one, the Appearance is amazing. Both the front and back look beautiful, with a wonderful finish and great, quality wood.I’ve been playing Guitar for about 5 years and this is honestly one of the best acoustics i’ve handled.Another plus is that it’s an Epiphone.. always trusted.Make sure you get yourself a nice case for this one, you’d never forgive yourself if you messed it up.The only thing that could be considered a “con” is that i chose to use a thinner pick for this guitar for easier strumming.. but that’s just me.Great guitar, would reccomend to both beginners and long time players
1 Could a worse guitar be assembled? No!!! Bought this one on a 50% off day for $70 in person at a store. It buzzed like a bee hive. Fret 12 totally dead on the high E string, 10-14 buzzzzzzzzed on all strings. The neck was shaped like a limbo dancer. After all that I still bought it. Hmmm…. It feels really good in the hands. It plays well. The sound is bright and clean. Resonates well and all the tones can be heard. It just is not put together well. This is what I did. The wrench went into the truss adjuster and straightened the neck. I used a credit card across every 3 fret bars and found 4 that wiggled. Then using this fret leveling technique ( I fixed the high frets by filed them down. Now, all buzz is gone. Every note resonates and sustains. It feels good to play and sounds really bright and nice. An extra $20 in files and sandpaper and about 3 hours of time went into it, but it is worth the money now and then some. The Chinese made guitars are hit and miss. The same model can be great for one person and a disaster for another.I would not go through this again though. Maybe I would. Who knows. It was kind of interesting filing the frets down and learning something new. Cheap is right! There’s an old saying, you get what you pay for. I bought one for my daughter. The frets started rising first and then the neck warped. It lasted a little more that a year before I had to return in to Guitar Center. Good thing I bought the Pro Coverage. While I was there another gentlemen brought in the same guitar with the same problem. I’d stay clear on this one.
1 Well, I originally purchased a DR 100 at Guitar Center, but found that the fourth fret was high, causing the first string to buzz when I played a G chord. So I took it back and they swapped it for a PR 150. The two guitars look exactly the same. I don’t know what the difference is between the two other than price.The guitar seems to play well, and the sound is fine. My only gripe is that the fourteenth fret is high, so I have a dead fret after the twelfth. I’m seriously thinking about dressing the frets, but I’ve never done it before, so I still haven’t decided what I’ll do about it. My advise is that you should play all the frets on the board before buying a guitar. I didn’t and now I have a guitar that needs adjusting. This guitar was my first and I learned on it. Had it set up and put Elixir strings on it and it’s a beauty, plays soft or loud, rich tones beautiful voice! Friends who are long time pickers get wide eyes when they hear it because they know it’s an inexpensive guitar that sounds like a $700-1000 guitar! I have two other more expensive guitars and this is by far my favorite! Play for peace or strum for war… this is the one!