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Epiphone PPEG-EDEXSBCH1-15 Electric Guitar Pack, Silverburst

Post on 2017-01-24

Product Description

Epiphone’s critically acclaimed PRO-1 Collection is recognized around the world as the fastest way to learn guitar. The PRO-1 series began with the simple premise of understanding why new players lose confidence in learning guitar. Epiphone also spoke with our signature artists and luthiers about the kinds of custom features they want in the their day-to-day instruments on stage and in the studio. The result is the PRO-1 Acoustic Collection and the new PRO-1 Electric Collection featuring the Les Paul Jr. and the Explorer.

Ok, so I purchased one of these kits elsewhere for my grandson. I’ve been playing for 35 years.The ‘just pull it out of the box and play it’ did not go well at all for me. The frets were as sharp as razors and sliced one of my fingers just testing the neck. As for the overall construction of the guitar — man I couldn’t believe how shoddy this thing is. For starters, there is no plate on the neck joint, and the neck will actually move. The tuners slip too. There is no chance at all that this guitar will ever stay in tune.I would think that perhaps I got a lemon, but after evaluating the overall construction of the guitar itself, I’ve come to the conclusion that they’re all lemons.I’d avoid this one. Verified Purchase
Very addictive, to say the least. I like the guitar and the game, it’s the whole package so I just plugged it in and started playing.
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when i received the package the rocksmith pc download code was already used so i could not use rocksmith.