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Epiphone Les Paul Special I P90 Electric Guitar Worn Black

Post on 2017-01-24

Product Description

Mahogany Les Paul body features Epiphone P90R and P90T Soap Bar pickups producing huge, FAT single coil tones, and an adjustable wrap-around bridge/tailpiece for maximum edge and sustain. Case sold separately.

The Gibson LP Jr was originally conceived to be a quality, student-level slab-wood take on the Les Paul design. Like this guitar, it had no carved maple top, no fancy inlays, P90 single coil pickups, and a wrap-around tail piece. That is what you are getting with this guitar. Modern manufacturing techniques and a skilled overseas labor force make this guitar highly affordable and a much better value than the equivalent Gibson made product imho. Are you getting a Gibson for less than $150? No, but love it for what it is. You can rock it out perfectly well. I personally don’t care that the neck is a bolt on. I don’t think my strats are missing anything for their lack of set-neck. If anything, I find set neck strats to be a little odd- which reflects more upon what peoples’ expecations are for various instuments v.s. what is actually an advantageous design. It actually sustains really nicely for a cheapy. This may have more to do with the fact that it’s not dipped in thick poly. There are no bells and whistles here- Sort of like a hammer- this is a no-frills tool to be used to make music. The finish is utilitarian but nicely done – the neck has the same comfortable satin feel as the rest of the guitar. The fret ends are smooth but I did notice some fretting out of the notes above the 15th fret. I was able to dial it out by slightly increasing the neck relief and raising the action a hair. I have 9s on it so the action is still reasonable. I wish it had a pickguard. I would prefer that the tuners were higher quality. I also wish this thing did not have a wrap around bridge because I could more precisely intonate an ABR style bridge. That said, I don’t expect my perfect dream guitar for $139 shipped. I love how light it feels. What really elevates this guitar are the P90s.Read more ›
1 If you are just learning, this would be a great guitar. If you are an experienced player, you should absolutely buy this guitar. I got mine through Music and Arts for $99 after Christmas sale. But, even at $129, it is a steal. I’ve been playing for over 20 years. This guitar is worth way more than they are charging. It plays awesome right out of the box. The intonation is right, the neck feels great and is fast and the setup is as good as any guitar I have owned. It sounds very angry and growls with those single coil pickups. You cannot go wrong for $130 even if you use it as a beater. Which is why I bought it. After a month of playing, it has quickly become my favorite. Check out this YouTube video and see for yourself.[…] Verified Purchase
I wasn’t too thrilled with it at first, but bought it because it was cheap for an electric guitar. After adjusting the bridge to stop the annoying fret buzzing, this guitar is probably my favorite. Has a great feel on the fretboard, and I love the sound of P-90 pickups. It stays in tune pretty well, but you’ll have to work it in.2 I have owned this guitar for over 2 years now, it still has a great sound and is very playable, especially for the money. It stays in tune very well even though the tuners do seem a little cheaper than Epiphones I’ve owned in the past… but since they work there is no reason to change them. The overall fit and finish of the guitar is excellent for the price point, and mine has the flat black finish which hides fingerprints very well. The neck is a good width for my medium sized man hands, and is fast and smooth for quick playing. The single coil p90 style pickups on this guitar scream with their own beautiful raw sound, and they were the reason I bought this guitar. Take note that p90 pickups do make a humming sound when you’re not playing, which can be remedied by turning down the volume knob. This is just a trait of the p90 pickup, they all do this, but it is a minor inconvenience for the spectacular sound you get in return. I currently play it through a Fender Vibro Champ tube amp and this combo really makes playing guitar fun. I recommend this guitar if you’re on a budget like me, or even if you’re not on a budget and just want a p90 equipped guitar. Verified Purchase
I LOVE this guitar! A great and simple instrument! And I LOVE the shape, the color is INSANE! THANK YOU EPIPHONE!!! I bought this guitar once before, but had to take it back because I was absolutely BROKE, and I really needed the money more than the guitar. But NOW, I’m in a better place and keeping my guitar! Thank You, AMAZON!!! Verified Purchase
I have had this guitar for about a year now, and I use it quite a bit in my church’s worship band. I love this guitar. It’s simple, it looks good, and it sounds awesome (love the P90 sound). I put some Ernie Ball Regular 10s on it and now it’s got a great tone and pretty decent sustain. I will be switching out the original nut with a better one (all of an $8 investment) to see if that improves the sustain even more. But overall, I firmly believe it can compete with any $500 or under guitar on the market. Definitely a steal of a deal.Note: I have been playing guitar for 20 years. I’ve played a lot of guitars, and this is a good one.
1 I got mine from guitar center. The only other in the same price range was squier strat bullet. And i found les paul much better. It stays in tune, has a great sound.