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Epiphone Les Paul CLASSIC-T Electric Guitar with Min-Etune Auto Tuning System, Midnight Sapphire Blue

Post on 2017-01-24

Color:Midnight Sapphire | Style:Guitar

Product Description

Color:Midnight Sapphire

The Les Paul Classic-T with Min-ETune is the world”s most affordable self-tuning electric guitar! Fast, accurate and dependable.

Beautiful guitar, plays great and I like the convenience of the Min- e-tune system. I have a Gibson Les Paul Standard that cost 4x as much, and I prefer this guitar. The Gibson is much heavier, this one is a very reasonable weight. The only thing missing is coil tap tone controls (which the Gibson has) but those can be added if I ever see the real need.Update 12/18/2014Two months after I ordered this guitar I wondered what kind of battery to order when the original ran out of juice. I discovered that the battery was rechargeable, but no charger was included with the guitar. I went to the Epiphone site to order a charger and found in their description that the charger is part of the package. I brought this to ‘s attention and they quickly apologized and offered me several options (return or credit me enough to pay for the appropriate charger). I took the credit option and have a charger on order (from Gibson). Their service was excellent and that has always been my experience with . Style Name: GuitarColor: Midnight Ebony
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This is one of the most versatile instruments I’ve ever played.It needed a little work out of the box (intonation, pickup height, etc) but one I got it ready for standard E it was a blessing!Changing tunings on the fly is also a big deal for me, since I play a lot of different styles in a lot of different tunings. I used this to play things from bluesy Led Zeppelin to prog-metal Between the Buried and Me, and then back to some Guns n’ Roses hard rock without a care in the world!The Min-Etune system is as reliable as it gets. Sometimes of course there’s some minor tuning problems that require a "string to string" tuning (instead of the easy "strum all at once" tuning) but it just saves so much time and effort.I have a Sterling John Petrucci signature guitar that I love playing but because of the floating tremolo, changing tunings temporarily is not really an option, and I also have a 7 string Jackson that I can tune to whatever I want, but it just takes longer and, well, it doesn’t feel like a Les Paul!As for the sound of the instrument, it’s ridiculously good. The pickups are incredibly versatile. I played one at a Guitar Center and had people asking me how I managed to get all those different tones without touching the amp or using pedals. If you use your tone and volume knobs for sound dynamics (and you should), you will love this guitar. And for those who know what this means: Yes, this guitar is capable of getting a Woman Tone, and it’s gorgeous.Lastly, the body is just beautiful. Every curve seems carefully crafted and the weight is just perfect (maybe a little heavy for some people, but I already said I have a 7 string Jackson, so there you go).Read more › Style Name: GuitarColor: Black Cherry
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Got this specifically to use in a blues band for thick tone and auto e-tuning for slide work (instead of retuning my Strat). The midnight red finish is beautiful, though nearly too dark to see the black binding around the top. A sticker on the back of the neck notes that the action was set up in the USA. Action is a little high but that’s fine for slide. Frets are smooth. Finish around the neck is just a little rough, and is the only indication this guitar shouldn’t cost at least twice the price. Sound of the guitar through the ceramic pickups is good in that loud humbucking way; the rhythm pickup moans, and the treble pickup growls with high-mid overtones. Mini e-tune works well, but can take half a minute to complete. I get about 30 tunings before it needs a recharge. String posts "lock" the strings with screw-on post tops; don’t lose one! Style Name: GuitarColor: Black Cherry
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Beautiful guitar nicely finished. Minitune is awesome. I never bought an Epiphone product that wasn’t awesome!