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Epiphone Hard Shell Case for ES-339 and Ultra 339 Electric Guitar

Post on 2017-01-24

Product Description

Designed specifically to fit Epiphone’s ES 339 Semi-Hollow Electric Guitar, this Deluxe Hardshell case offers top quality protection. With its sleek Tolex covering, the Epiphone Deluxe ES 339 Electric Guitar Case features padded plush lining, heavy-duty handle, accessory compartment, super-tough hinges and draw-bar latches. Contoured design saves weight while still providing maximum protection. Epiphone makes this guitar case especially for your ES 339. Epiphone Deluxe ES 339 Electric Guitar Case Features Tough Tolex covering Padded, plush lining Heavy-duty handle Heavy hinges and drawbar latches Accessory compartment Contoured design

This case fits my epiphone ultra 339 perfectly, and makes it look so sexy. My guitar looks pretty nice outside of the case, but looking at it resting in the case… WOWSA. the soft grey cushiony fuzzy stuff inside is really high quality feeling, and keeps my guitar nice and safe… and against the orange of my guitar looks super sexy. there’s enough room in there to keep a long 1/4 inch guitar cable (under the neck of the guitar), and my guitar strap/extra strings/a tuner (in the compartment). Very satisfied with my purchase! I was sad when I took it on the road and it got a few scratches.. but hey, that’s what it’s made for! Verified Purchase
I recently purchased the new Epiphone Casino Coupe, which is a 339-sized version of the venerable Casino. This case is a perfect fit and is very high quality. I am happy with this purchase.2 Verified Purchase
I use this case for my epiphone es-339 and it does it’s job wellIt holds the guitar firmly so it doesn’t wiggle around, but it’s not at all tight. It’s a perfect fit.You also get the standard compartment that will lie under the guitar neck that you can store tuners, picks, a strap, or whatever you want to keep in there.You also get latches to keep this case closed. There is one on the backside of the case that I find kind of weird and don’t use, but it’s there. It doesn’t get in the way.Overall I think this case is great. If you have the 339, get this case. Verified Purchase
Good case. It’s the old-fashioned variety: wood with vinyl on the outside and fitted plushness on the inside. It’s sturdy and fits my ES-339 like a glove. I feel secure it will protect the guitar from reasonable threats. I would love to see a soft, light version like the SKB Les Paul case that has the plush-covered foam on the inside and canvass-like cloth on the outside, but such a thing doesn’t exist yet. The weight is my only negative. Verified Purchase
What’s not to like. Epiphone quality case for your Epiphone quality guitar. This case also fits the WildKat, FlameKat and AlleyKat series guitars. Verified Purchase
First one came damaged. Looked like it was sitting there for a few years next to the box crusher and used as a soccer ball. The second one came package was still damage but at least this time the case could keep its top on. Instead of going though the prosses of resending and reshipping, again. I fixed it my self and now it’s a good regular case. The fact that I had to fix it was the issue. Verified Purchase
This case is EXCELLENT! Pure Gibson quality with this one. Very smooth latching on and my Epiphone ES-339 fits perfectly. The plush interior is very soft and doesn’t have a chemical smell like some of the cheaper cases. The outer covering is high quality and the item arrived well packed in an Epiphone box. Strongly recommend this over any of the aftermarket cases available. Verified Purchase
Highly recommend this case – very well constructed. Fits my Fender Flame perfectly (the same size as a Gibson ES-339).