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Epiphone Gigbag for Epiphone Western Acoustic

Post on 2017-01-24

Product Description

Gigbag Epiphone Western Acoustic

I ordered this for my AJ220S, which is sort of an el-cheapo version of a J-45 that I use for outdoor events and jam sessions. A great guitar for the $$, but not worth a big hardshell case in my usage, so I ordered this gigbag for it. Most Epiphone AJ’s and Dreads have an extra-long headstock, which makes fitting them in normal-sized gigbags and cases a bit of a pain. This one, however, is apparently MADE for Epiphones by their own factory, so I couldn’t be more pleased. Now, this IS a gigbag, and it amuses me to see all the negative reviews of people implying that gigbags should afford as much protection as a hard case if you drop it or stack things on top of it. Oranges to apples, I say. This is a GIGBAG, and therefore it’s just NOT going to protect an instrument if you drop it or throw it around with the rest of your equipment piled on top of it! Granted, there isn’t a very thick padding layer in this one, no more than 5 mm at most, so be forewarned that you should exercise reasonable caution when you transport your guitar in this bag. It does just fine in it’s intended function of protecting the instrument from bumps, nicks, knocks, and scratches while carrying your guitar from point A to point B – – and it does it well. If you want something more substantial to actually protect your guitar in case of dropping it on the floor, I’d suggest investing a couple of hundred in a heavy-duty gigbag with at least 3/4″ of high-density foam and heavy fabric construction, but in my situation that is more than what I paid for the guitar so what’s the point of that? This gigbag is perfectly sufficient for my needs. The zipper works fine, although it was a little tight on my AJ-sized upper bout at first – – makes me wonder if it would fit on a square-shouldered dread.Read more › Verified Purchase
Awesome Gig Bag. The size is very nice I put my Riviera Custom P93 in it it fits good as this is a long guitar with a wide bottom bout. I believe any ES335 style electric guitar would fit in it nicely. I use to to go back and forth to classes and on the weekends to travel by car and it is well made and padded minimally to keep guitar from being scratched but obviously not as protective as a hard case would be. Very nice and very satisfied. Might get another for my other 335 clone Verified Purchase
This bag is pretty good for the price Paid . I had an Epiphone AJ220SCE that needed something . I couldn’t afford the hard shell case for it right now so I got this . I like it material is good . Guitar fits in it snug, but it still zips up and it keeps my guitar from getting those small dings it would get in transportation that it would normally get without it …. works good for me . Verified Purchase
I bought this gigbag for the Epiphone AJ-220S Acoustic Guitar, Vintage Sunburst. I was a little unsure at first because there weren’t too many reviews to go by. It turns out that the bag is a perfect fit for the AJ! There isn’t a great deal of padding for protection but it gets the job done well.The storage pocket looks thin but has plenty of room for various kinds of accessories– right now, mine is stocked with a set of strings, a packet of picks, a backup guitar strap, a tuner, a capo, and some sheet music, but there’s still plenty of room left.I didn’t like the shoulder straps, though. I tried them on but they felt cheap and unstable, and I was afraid the straps or the steel clips that attach them to the bag might snap. I’ve taken the straps off and use the shoulder handles (which is what I prefer anyway).For the price ($20-$25), this gigbag is a steal! Verified Purchase
Bought this just to have some protection for new EJ-200SCE. Wasn’t sure if it would fit or not. The guitar fits fine, but this bag is for carry, and preventing scratches,etc.only. There is no padding. Which is fine as that is all i need it for. Jumbo hard case ordered. This bag is unusually long – long enough to fit the long peghead of a 43" Epiphone 12-string dreadnought. But it’s pretty flimsy – it has rather thin padding, and lacks enough structure to really hold its shape when you put it down. Also, its single outside pocket is quite shallow.Fender’s and Chromacast’s "Jumbo" acoustic gig bags also fit my Epi 12-string, while offering tougher nylon, thicker padding, and more structure. Verified Purchase
I thought it would have more padding. This is almost a plastic bag. Epiphone should consider putting more foam between the bag and the guitar to make it more snuff for the instrument and protect it more from a fall or a hit. Verified Purchase
It looks good and the logo is nice, but the material is very cheap. This gigbag is nothing more than a dust cover with handles. I returned it and went for a Roadrunner case. More expensive, but a much better product.