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Epiphone EGTIEBNH3 Solid-Body Electric Guitar, Ebony

Post on 2017-01-24

Product Description

Tony Iommi is every guitar player’s hero. He’s not just the “lead guitarist” of Black Sabbath. He is Black Sabbath. Black Sabbath was inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame in 2006 but he’s been every shredder’s idol since Black Sabbath’s debut in 1970. For 45 years as the band’s heart and soul and the originator of dozens of all-time classic riffs, Tony Iommi has helped to make the “SG” the iconic guitar for Hard Rock and Heavy Metal. Now, Epiphone presents a one-of-a-kind SG designed exactly to Tony Iommi’ s specifications.

This SG has amazing output due to the TI signature humbuckers. If you like that grinding Sabbath guitar sound, you’ll love these. Of course, they’re versatile pickups but that high-output sound is what most people think of when they think of Iommi’s playing. The guitar has full-sized pots, not the tiny ones usually seen on inexpensive asian-made instruments. It’s clear that this was a step up from the usual Chinese crap. So much so that I kinda wonder why Gibson didn’t just make this in the US. This Epiphone SG costs more than a Gibson SG Special, largely due to the USA pickups, but overall, it’s nicer than the Gibson guitar and sounds better too. Perhaps this is an experiment to see if the market will bear higher-end Chinese-made guitars.I especially like the appointments of this SG. Even more than the top of the line Gibsons. Like Iommi, I prefer my strap button on the upper horn and not on the back to alleviate neck dive. Despite some images showing otherwise, this guitar has the strap button on the horn. It also like that it has the output jack on the side of the guitar, like a Les Paul or a Telecaster.Fit and finish on the one I received are as good as any standard Gibson models I’ve played. YMMV. The biggest problem with Chinese manufacturing is consistency, so it’s hard for me to tell if I just got a particularly good one. The neck binding is a nice addition and it’s clean and well-done. The ebony fretboard feels a little rough to the touch, especially when bending, but a little oil should sort that out. The nickel hardware is surprisingly heavyweight. I expected less, but for the price I shouldn’t have. The finish is applied evenly and is a hard gloss black. I have no idea if it’s poly or nitro but I’d bet it’s poly. Either way, it looks great.Read more › Verified Purchase
We play Sabbath all day every day. It only made sense to use THE SABBATH GUITAR. I only wish my brother were alive to see his nephew play it. There was NO bigger Sabbath fan the Robbie. Verified Purchase
Beautiful guitar but I was disappointed and had to send it back. It should have been set up better from the factory. I shouldn’t have to pay to lower the action and the Rhythm/Terrible switch cut out. bummed out I was looking forward to this guitar. I have a Joe B-Massa Epiphone and it is beautiful. I don’t blame but Epiphone US should have did a better job inspecting the guitar and adjusting.