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Epiphone EB-3 Two Pickup Electric Bass Guitar, Ebony

Post on 2017-01-24


Product Description


The EB-3 bass from Epiphone combines versatility and classic rock style in one fantastic sounding package. The Mahogany body features a set, Mahogany neck for rich bass tone and thunderous sustain. Easily reach all the upper frets on the Rosewood fingerboard as you explore the possibilities of sound from the single “SideWinder” Bass Humbucker pickup at the end of the neck to the bass “New York” Mini- humbucker pickup at the Chrome fully-adjustable 3-point bridge.

Ok..been playing bass for almost 20 years, I’m not rich and although I’d love to buy a Gibson or a Fender I always have responsabilities that prevent me from buying one of those gems. That pushed me to researh and try virtually tons of “cheap” bass guitar during those 20 years and I’ll be honest, several times I had to low my head and work with what I had in hand regardless of the low standards and poor quality of any given instrument. EPIPHONE changed that. I own, like thousands out there the Epi Thunderbird and it was a great surprise to play that bass, the quality, the tone and above all, the relaibility of the axe, at that moment I became an Epiphone Fan.Now, I just recently bought the Epiphone EB-3 for a second weapon in the arsenal and man…those out there that insist on saying that this is a “cheap” chinesse or asian made instrument need to stop and try this axe. Epiphone has increased the bar on this “easy access” instrument to a point that there is nothing to envy (quality wise) from their more expensive cousins. I’m not trying to deny the fact that the quality of a Gibson or a Fender it’s by far better, I’ll be a moron in denial indeed. But I’ll tell you, I pound my Epi bass every week on gigs and rehersals and it’s awesome on every count. Looks great, feels great, plays great and it doesnt hurt my pocket.This is in fact a great buyOK…I’ve read from some guys about the “MUD” tone of this bass and things like “it won’t cut thru the mix”…well I don’t know what kind of amplification, eq, effects are they using…like MILLIONS out there I beef up my tone with some beautiful stomp gems out there. Please take a listen to the EB-3 over some drum loops on my pc (ok it’s not a band recording and it’s not live..Read more › Color: Ebony I started playing bass in 1963, and played in bar bands for over 15 years. I played many types of bass, including several Fenders. I always wanted a Gibson or Epiphone EB type bass. I loved the tones that Jack Bruce got out of his with Cream, and when I got the chance to buy one a few months ago I jumped on it. I got a special Pearl Limited Edition version, which is the ebony finish with a pearloid TRC and scratch plate. I really love this bass. I can’t imagine someone thinking it sounds “muddy” – it does sound BASSY, but that is subject to a lot of control using the tone knobs and blending the 2 pickups using the rotary switch.The bass is a bit top heavy, but using a wide leather strap helps a lot, and several of my previous basses were far worse.The EB 3 is the long scale bass, with 2 pickups, and is the one I’d recommend. Great, fast and comfortable neck, rosewood board, good frets, high quality hardware and solid tuners (OIL THEM when you get the bass – they last longer and work better with a bit of lube). I even like the factory strings, which is a lifetime first for me! I love the tonal variety of this bass, and although it did not cost much, it FEELS like quality and it is solid and well made…and looks great.Get a good hard case for it – it deserves the best.I have 3 other basses and I find I play the Epi most. I LOVE this Epiphone EB3 and plan to record with it in the spring. Color: Ebony I agree in part with my fellow bass colleague on the Epiphone EB-3. BUT………I HAVE been to the mountain my previous axe was a 1973 Fender Jazz Bass (American Made!!) so I do know what the Holy Grail of basses sounds like. Not only did I have the Holy grail of basses, I had the Holy grail of amplifiers-the Fender Bassman with the 2 15″ speakers in the cab. With 48 years playing experience I can tell you that the Epiphone EB-3 is a full bodied excellent sounding axe!!! It has all the qualities of the Gibson EB-3 but doesn’t have the hefty price tag or problems the vintage EB-3’s had. Jack Bruce would love playing this guitar. Don’t get me wrong, when I had to sell my Fender gear a couple of tears came to my eyes like I lost my best friend. The EB-3 is a more than ample partner. Very rich tones-I don’t get any muddiness at all. I’m presently running thru a Fender BXR 60 and have no problems whatsoever.Bottom line-I feel like I’m cheating on my girlfriend but this is a sweet sounding axe that can handle all you can dish out!!!!!!! Color: Cherry EB-3 is an excellent bass. It has a very wide range of tone options and produces high-quality sound. I tried playing songs from Led Zeppelin to Michael Jackson to Iron Maiden, and eb-3 performed admirably in all of them. With a quality amp to back it up, you can get very creative with sound of this bass.The only downside I can think of is the neck dive. It’s not an issue sitting down but otherwise you’ll have to keep that neck in check somehow. It gets a little tiring after a while.Apart from that it’s an impressive bass bass. Great tone, great looks, and great cost/quality ratio. Highly recommended. Color: Ebony
Verified Purchase
I’m new to the bass (started about a year ago) and decided it was time to upgrade from the bass I started with (an entry level guitar from a starter package). I’m really glad I finally decided to go with this great Epiphone bass guitar! The instrument was wonderfully set up from the manufacturer – needed only minor adjustment to the string action for my preference. The hardware and finish are beautiful, practically flawless, and the performance, feel, and playability are far and away superior to my old starter bass. This bass was maybe twice as expensive as my previous bass, but is at least five times the instrument. Great quality for the money!