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Epiphone Case for Epiphone PR-5

Post on 2017-01-24

Product Description

CASE Epiphone PR-5

This guitar case is great for the PR5 Epiphone guitar series. it fits my PR5-E extremely well. Only complaint is that it was a little dinged up on the shipment. No problem though. its just a couple small scuffs that will happen over the course of using the case anyways. Very nice case, rabbit fur or something very soft inside. BUYER BE WARNED —> There are 5 latches, one is on the back. I almost broke the case by trying to pull it open before i realized that. Have fun with your new guitar and case! Verified Purchase
First of all it is very difficult to find a case for the PR-5, Ebay had plenty for the PR-6 none for the PR-5. Evidently a PR-6 will fit in a PR-5 case, but not the other way around. So my choices were $89, Musicians Friend $85 (using a coupon) plus shipping and tax, or the local Guitar Center $89 plus tax. The case pictured on the Guitar Center website (Epiphone EPR5 Hardshell Case For PR Series Guitars) is exactly what I received from , it is a bit frustrating that I received something different than what was pictured from , but my main concern was a good, hard shell case for my guitar, so that did not impact my rating.Pros: – sturdy – lightweight – fit my Epiphone pr-5 – well constructed, super soft interior, no scratches or bubbling as per other reviewsCons: – Horrible glue smell!! Aired out for a week and the smell is still there, yuck! – A latch on the back of the case, super annoying – Fit is almost TOO tight, I almost returned it because I was having a hard time getting my guitar in the case, I realized there is simply a huge amount of padding and it squishes to fit snugly around the guitar. The case was hard to close because of the excess padding and I was concerned this would put un-necessary pressure on my guitar, however I am feeling confident that the snug fit is just snug enough, not too snug.Overall I am happy, there are not many choices out there for a case for this guitar, this one is good enough I suppose.
1 Verified Purchase
Two of the main things any buyer would look at when buying a product online are the color and shape.Another thing a buyer expects when he receives a product is quality.The image shown on the item page is a black guitar case with a black handle.The case I received had a red/brown handle, and two poorly stitched pale brown plastic stripes that look cheap and make the whole case look ugly. The way the case was put together makes it look like another fake Chinese-made replica of an original product.I tried fitting in my PR-5, I had to squeeze the guitar and it barely just fit, which is “somewhat fine”I regret buying this case, I though I had ordered a real Epiphone black case, not a replica. Verified Purchase
Bought this with a guitar for my girlfriend, and the guitar shipped in the case, with a box around all. Protected the guitar. Interior is a nice, soft pile which the guitar fit in snugly. The stitching and top trip is a chocolate brown, over a black case with gold lettering spelling out, “Epiphone,” on the cover in their logo font. The case is solid, but my one complaint is that the black color material on the case is poorly attached, and bubbled in spots along the curves on the side around the handle. This is shoddy craftsmanship. I find it typical, as this case is manufactured in China. I LOVE Epiphones, but I was disappointed in this case, which is specially designed for the slim-profile PR-5E. I would recommend that if you get this product, you be prepared to send it back for a suitable replacement if the quality is not right the first time.
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What can i say… If you have an Epiphone PR-5 and you want a hard case, this is the one to get. It is custom fitted so there is no play between the guitar & the case. It’s also durable. Only gripe is that it has 5 different clasps that you need to open; a little overkill 🙂 Verified Purchase
I was very pleased by this seller and the case. I received the case two days before expected! The case had minor scuffs just as it was described but nothing to sweat over. Not only does the case have a stylish look, it also feels like a quality case that will really protect your guitar. I am very pleased with this case! Verified Purchase
fit my guitar perfectly (pr5e) and no problems in transit.only had it so far for a few days but no complaint.comfortable to carry, not very heavy, and overall nice look.there was a scuff on the exterior of the case, as if it was repackaged somewhere but i didn’t notice it at first so it’s possible that was my fault. guessing i got it back after someone returned it. either way, still a satisfied customer.