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Epiphone Case for Epiphone Jumbo Acoustic

Post on 2017-01-24

Product Description

CASE Epiphone Jumbo Acoustic

i bought this for my son’s guitar, he takes it where ever he goes, the case is great. very well made. should hold up for years. the price is worth it. Verified Purchase
I ordered this case to go with the Epiphone EJ-200CE I ordered at the same time. When it arrived, the guitar was shipped inside the case. Seems very sturdy and should last a long time. It’s a really good looking case and it fits the Epi like a glove. If you buy an Epiphone Jumbo then this is the case you need to keep it in. You can’t go wrong. Verified Purchase
First, the good news: the case itself is gorgeous and fits the Epiphone jumbo like a glove. The felt material on the inside is luscious and firm enough to pad the case without too much give. Better still, the extra space in the construction secures the neck tightly without crowding the head. my favorite feature is the equipment container, which is deeper and more spacious than any other case that I’ve owned. I like being able to fit in the various string lubricants, cleaners, extra strings, tuners, guitar props, and picks with space to spare.When I first laid eyes on the case, I knew I wanted one for my new Epiphone. Now comes the bad news:I had to buy three of them before I found one that wasn’t already damaged or showing signs of quality defects.The first two that I bought arrived damaged due to shipping wear/quality defects alone — including damaged latches, loosed rivet pins (causing the entire hinge assembly to slip), vinyl and felt separations on the inside and outside of the case (I could feel the glue and it was still sticky), and an inability to close properly due to slight misalignment of the hinges. After looking at three of them, it’s also clear that there’s low quality control between the individual cases and their construction, and I suspect that they may even be getting off the factory floor with some damage already on them. Even the most recent one (which I decided to keep) has some minor impact damage where it had been bumped into something hard enough to pierce through a 2 cm line on the outer cover. It arrived this way with no corresponding damage on the box, which I can only conclude happened prior to packing.Read more › Verified Purchase
I think this case looks great the inside is soft and padded for my baby ( EJ-200CE ) well made looks great well pleased with the case looks good in my living room I keep it in front of the other 5 guitars (wife raising cane wants me to build a room for them ) I know it was a wise investment I could not do without it . Have a great day Ray Verified Purchase
The case is not as well made as I had hoped. The lid does not line up exactly and is hard to close. There is a gap on one side when the guitar is in the case. It will protect your guitar and the price is good, but you get what you pay for. Verified Purchase
This hardshell case for jumbo sized acoustic guitars is an excellent investment. My Epiphone EJ 200 SCE fits perfectly. Plush, soft carpet insides tightly hug the guitar and the hardshell outsides really give you a great sense of security and protection for your instrument. I love the storage compartment for keeping accessories stored. Ecellant quality at a great price. Verified Purchase
For the money this isn’t too bad of a case. I wouldn’t classify it as road worthy, but if you’re looking for something to offer some protection for your guitar that won’t break the budget, this will do. I bought an Epi EJ200SCE and tried several other cases in the 150 to 200 prince range and none of the other jumbo cases would fit due to the protrusion of the knobs from the pre-amp. This epi case has that portion of the case scooped out (less padding) so that the EJ200SCE slides in. The guitar fits snuggly into the case. I just wished that there was more layers of plywood, like 5-ply to offer more protection. The lid has to be pushed over the edge in order to engage the latches. Quality control isn’t quite what it should be, but then again, you are getting what you paid for…taking that in consideration, this case is worth the money that you are paying. Verified Purchase
This case is absolutely beautiful. It’s solid and can stand some wear-n-tear. It also has a fantastic interior – soft and fluffy – which can care for your guitar as it travels with no damage to it. It’s a little bit of a tight fit, but it isn’t a problem. The only legitimate issue I can find is the strange smell. I had to stick an air freshener in the case over night to take care of that. If you have an Epiphone Jumbo acoustic, this case is made for it. Non-Epiphones seem to fit as well, I just have Epiphone EJ-200, but my friend’s Martin and Co. seemed to fit snuggly, as well.