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Epiphone Case for Epiphone G310/G400

Post on 2017-01-24

Product Description

CASE Epiphone G310/G400

I bought this case for my Epiphone SG G-400 Faded. The handle feels a little weak/flimsy but overall the case is great for the price. My SG fits snug and secure, and the roomy accessory compartment can hold plenty of strings, picks, and other essentials. Verified Purchase
Just received this yesterday, so this is by no means a long-term review. Appears to be a very nice, sturdy case. Very plush interior. Didn’t know if my 2016 Gibson SG Standard would fit, though I suspected it would. Very pleased to find that it fit like a glove. No problems. Got this on sale for less than 1/3 the cost of the Gibson SG case. Verified Purchase
This case is a perfect fit for my Epiphone SG.It has two side pockets inside the case for accessories too.I carry extra picks and a microfiber towel to wipe fingerprints off the SG.The pockets will hold much more, like spare strings, string winder etc.Two day delivery from .5 stars all the way. Verified Purchase
So after a few years away from playing I found myself at Sam Ash, and I found myself buying an Epiphone G-400 pro.The guitar is amazing but I needed a case.I found this and it fits the SG family of guitars perfectly.I’d buy it again in a heartbeat Verified Purchase
Originally wanting a full road case to protect my instrument, I reluctantly ordered this from as a last resort. And I have to say, I was stunned when I took it out of the box. It’s absolutely beautiful. From the gold metallic-like "Epiphone" logo embossed against the black matte case to the Prussian Blue velvet interior, it gives a sense of quality and richness inside and out.I didn’t know what to expect for a case less than $100. I had tried several more expensive cases by Gator and SBK at my local Guitar Store but didn’t care for the way my G310 fit. This case is a perfect fit, has a storage drawer to hold your picks, metronome, etc. and offers decent protection. It certainly isn’t as durable as a full road case made of hard plastic or metal, but you won’t find a better case with a better fit for double the money. This truly is a best buy and you can’t go wrong with this one if you own a G310 – it’s quality throughout. Verified Purchase
Good support for most SG styled guitars….I bought this for my 2013 Gibson 60”s Tribute and had to add an additional 1/4" of foam under the lining on top of the body "wedge" ( very easy to do by slitting the lining ). This has to be re-glued of course, but makes the neck/body angle support just right. SG models vary in this respect….you just have to play with it. Laying cloth or foam right on top works fine as well naturally, but I liked the idea of keeping the lining consistent. Fairly heavy hardware ( sand off the sharp edges on the latch buckles….they will cut your fingers! ), and fairly good overall construction. Not impressed by the handle hinges….a little light duty IMO, but adequate. Very low odor lining adhesive is a real blessing after my previous TKL case, which I literally threw out. This is a very good quality case, made in China ( and I’m okay with that as it makes this item very affordable….). Been through quite a few cases in my 40 years of playing. This is my second Epi case…..a good deal. Verified Purchase
This case is for the Epiphone SGs but I was told it was also for the Nighthawk & Blueshawk; I bought this for the Nighthawk & it’s a close fit but the guitar does slide around in the case. Epiphone needs to have cases that ACTUALLY fit their guitars Verified Purchase
Works very well, although it only supports my Epiphone G-400 Pro’s neck at the base, contacting the top of the case further up the neck. I did perform a jerk test─I put my guitar in the case and secured it, rapidly pushed it down (above a well-padded surface) while holding the handle, and arresting its momentum with a sudden jerk. The handle did not break, as so many people have complained about here; I feel that they may have been expecting the case to be completely indestructible instead of just protection for the guitar. As long as you carry it as if it was your naked guitar (in other words, giving it the respect it deserves), it will suit your guitar perfectly.