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Epiphone "B. B. King" LUCILLE Signature Semi-Hollow-Body Electric Guitar

Post on 2017-01-24

Product Description

Designed by the Legendary King of the Blues himself, B.B. King, the Lucille is similar to the 335 semi-hollowbody, but without “F” holes. The result is a guitar with a very unique voice that’s far less prone to feedback at high volume levels. It features all-Maple construction, a TP-6 fine-tuning tailpiece with a Tune-o-matic bridge for ultimate precise intonation, is voiced by two Alnico Classic Humbuckers and a six-posistion Vari-tone switch and stereo outputs. Cosmetics include Gold hardware, block fretboard inlay and her name inlaid in mother-of-pearl on the headstock.

I am not a professional musician….just a hobby blues player always on a quest for sound. I came across this guitar by coincidence. I was aware that they have a Gibson version of Lucille, but I saw that Epiphone has a version of it also. The price difference is dramatical, play both models side by side and you will be blown away with the Epiphone version. The feel of the guitar is awesome. The pickups are great. The thing that blew me away is the vari-tone switch. I played this guitar clean and distorted and played around with the vari-tone switch and loved the sounds that i was hearing. You can get a really nice fat sound or a near screech sound out of Lucille. If you are into the classic rock blues type of sound or the B.B. King sound this is the guitar for you. Trust me you have to try this guitar out. I have played Les Pauls and Flying V’s, but this version just blows those out of the water. I never really thought of ever buying a Gibson/Epiphone product, but I did and I do not regret it at all, this coming from a die hard Stratocaster and Telecaster owner/player I will keep this simple and straight to the point.First, yes this is Gibson’s more inexpensive version of Mr. King’s Lucille. For those players that have head stock status demands this instrument is one you probaly won’t even be intrested in. For all the true players that understand that the name on the headstock is not ALWAYS critical, then let me tell you, this is a fabulous instrument for the money.I have been playing steady since 1955. Played professionaly and in recording sessions. I am a firm believer in if you have a God given talent to play guitar then you can play great music on about any instrument. That being said, this model LUCILLE is exceptional.I own it and play it daily. The fit and finish are very good. The body and top wood are laminated maple just like the Gibson model. The neck is maple just like the Gibson as well. It has a poly clear finish and not the way more labor intensive nitro-celleous finish on the Gibson model thus a good part of the reason for the huge price difference. The stock Alnico pickups are ok. No they are not Jason Lollar Imperials or Gibson 57 Classics or Tom Holmes specials but they get the job done. This guitar played through a good vintage tube amp sounds outstanding.The hardware is very good. The Grover tuners are solid and work fine.I had the frets leveled,dressed and polished and the control pots replaced with NOS CTS audio taper ones. That is the only changes I made to it. These things were the only ones I thought that need to be fixed to make it a great guitar.After that this guitar stands shoulder to shoulder with any in my collection and it’s the first one I pick up and the last one I put down.Read more › 4 I have had my Epi Lucille now for more than a week.She is sooo fine. The 6-position Vari-Tone filterswitch with the chickenhead knob on it gives manyvoices to Lucille. Not to mention the two othertone knobs, one for each pickup.The toggle switch selects either or both pickups.The inlays in the fretboard are stunning and veryprecise. Also, the white bindings around all bodyparts give Lucille a very sharp contrast and shouldbe very nice under low lighting as well. The goldplatings are as good as any… they give Lucillea cripsness and warmth and glow.You can fine tune a string with the tiny blackknurled knob at the bridge area. Each stringmay be fine tuned. This is a very uncommon featureand is slick.The guitar is a wider that my Epi Les PaulSpecial II but feels right when playing.The high gloss black finish really shines.I’d order another should something happen tothis one. I play the blues and black gospel.I bought a hard case and a strap for Lucille too.Lucille is my guitar upgrade from the Special IIthat i learned on one year ago. My anniversarypresent to myself. I am age 65. I play the notesoff of staff paper now. Verified Purchase
I’ve never considered myself worthy of a high end guitar, so at 60+ years old, I decided to splurge on a guitar I thought I *might* deserve. 🙂 And of course, it is an Epiphone and not a Gibson. However, I don’t want to sound like a snob in that regard. The guitar is everything I hoped it would be. The action, after a bit of adjustment, is nice, intonation is excellent and the selector switch offers a very pleasing range of sounds. As mentioned in the subject, it is a bit on the heavy side, but not bad. I’m very happy with it. Verified Purchase
I just love this guitar. Sure it’s an Epiphone, and yes it was made in China, but it plays and sounds great to me. I’m not a musician by profession, so I’m sure there are better rigs out there, but for someone that plays for fun, I can’t imagine anything better. The sounds you get from this guitar have an amazing range. I’ve been playing a Mexican Stratocaster for the last 12 years or so, and while I still love it, I can’t get the range of tone the Epiphone delivers.Fit and finish are outstanding, though I’ve heard that the gold on the hardware will flake off quickly, that doesn’t especially bother me. The neck is smooth and sweet, the tuners are smooth and keep it in tune nicely, and I really can’t wait to play around more with the dual outputs.For any other guitar, I’d suggest that you play it before taking it home, but that just wasn’t possible since these are a specialty item at most of the shops in town. I was pretty nervous about dropping 700 bucks only find that I didn’t like it, but fortunately it was love at first sight. My only beef so far is the the action was set fairly high, but that can be taken care of as soon as I quit playing it long enough to adjust it (which makes me think that it really isn’t much of a problem after all).